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SAMS - Oxford Window Cleaning Bicycle

Empowering Oxford

Our Social Impact Beyond Property Services

At SAMS we want to redefine the meaning of home care. Beyond our commitment to sustainable property services, we’re on a mission to cultivate thriving communities in Oxford through impactful charitable donations.

Why We Give Back

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At SAMS, we believe that a great community begins with shared responsibility. Each year, a portion of our profits is dedicated to supporting registered charities in Oxford. We see beyond property maintenance; we envision vibrant, interconnected neighbourhoods where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Cultivating Great Communities

SAMS - social impact - great communities
Our dedication to social impact is rooted in the belief that a strong community is the cornerstone of a better future. By donating to causes like ex-offender support, addiction recovery, therapy groups, and supported housing initiatives, we actively contribute to rebuilding lives and fostering resilience.

Supporting Oxford's Charitable Landscape

SAMS - social impact - charitable landscape
We proudly allocate our donations to organisations working tirelessly for the rehabilitation and empowerment of ex-offenders, individuals in addiction recovery, therapy groups, and supported housing initiatives. Your choice of SAMS directly contributes to making Oxford a supportive and inclusive place for everyone.

More Than Property Services: A Social Heart

SAMS - social impact - social heart

What sets us apart? It’s our unwavering commitment to being a sustainable property services company with a social heart. Every project you entrust us with doesn’t just enhance your property; it adds to the collective effort of creating a socially conscious and compassionate Oxford.

Join Us in Building a Better Oxford

SAMS - social impact - building better
Your choice for sustainable property services with a social impact is a choice for a brighter future. Partner with SAMS to experience the difference your property maintenance decisions can make in cultivating great communities in Oxford.

Book Your Sustainable Property Service Today and Be a Part of the Change!

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Ready for a home care experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Contact SAMS to schedule your service and be a part of our mission to build a better, more connected Oxford. Together, let’s create lasting positive change in the communities we call home.