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SAMS - Oxford Window Cleaning Bicycle

SAMS Story

How we came to be the Champions of Sustainable Window & Gutter Cleaning

It all began in October 2022 and we celebrate the birthday of SAMS on October 5th. This was also the Birthday of my beautiful Nan who is forever in my memory.

Nan  1921 – 2020

SAMS First Bike - How it all began

Starting SAMS in Oxford meant only one thing. Let’s do Bikes! Impossible they said, and they were ‘almost’ right! 

The first few months were a gruelling challenge for the mind and body. The up hill pedal with Kilos of water were not something that could have been done forever! It was hard work. There had to be another way to keep the dream alive. And it turns out there was!

SAMS First Bike - How it all began

The opportunity presented itself to get hold of an all singing all dancing E-cargo trike that could carry up to 300kg of weight without breaking a sweat! My legs danced with happiness. My tired and well used saying ‘just keep pedalling’ was paying off. The pedal bike was finally retired & I invested in the first E cargo Trike for SAMS.

As we took on more commercial work and offered more services, we quickly picked up a second trike to support our gutter clearance. The feeling of a convoy of the two trikes is worlds apart from the pedalling of the push bike some months ago. I’ve now bought the best gutter clearance kit and high level inspection cameras.  Now SAMS is unclogging and clearing gutters all over Oxford by the power of E pedals.

And Our Vision?

Just imagine an Oxford where the impossibilities of pedal powered window cleaning & gutter clearance became a possibility to the rest of the world. We at SAMS are proud to be Champions of Sustainable window and gutter cleaning. Our ethos will always support our planet. Our core values – sustainable alternatives for exterior cleaning.


July 2023