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Project title: Predictors and impact of fatigue in people with Multiple Sclerosis

Project type: Analysis of national Database – UK MS register

Project description: Aim of this project is to use the data from UK MS register to identify the predictors of fatigue. We will also explore the impact of fatigue patients’ quality of life. We will also explore whether different disease modifying drugs affect fatigue differently.

Research Area: Multiple sclerosis

Role Description: I have permission to access the data from UK MS register for this project. The student will get the remote access to the data base. Role is to log into the national UK MS Register and access the data. The UK MS register is a national data base with data of over 17,000 MS patients. The student will analyse the data with the help of statistics supervisor using multiple regression analysis.

Available to: All medical students

Student Requirements:
Computer skills
Interest in acquiring research skills.
Student will gain skills in accessing and analysing big data base

Project Duration: 6 months

Weekly time input: 10 hours

Project Location: The data access is remote and students do not need to come to any fixed place. Will have to attend meetings with supervisor and statistician for data analysis

Number of Students Required: 1

If successful there is potential to develop this project into a BMedSci project

*The responses for this project will be sent directly to the supervisor, so there is no specific date for closing of applications. However, the project will not be advertised after 1/3/2019.

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