Research platform

What is the research platform?

There are many medical students interested in getting involved with extracurricular academic work and practice their research skills. However, due to lack of awareness for available projects, it is difficult to find such opportunities.

The Research Project Platform aims to assist medical students to apply and participate in available research projects. Additionally, the recruitment and selection process becomes easier for the supervisors as we advertise the projects and collect application responses.

In essence, we ask supervisors to submit projects through an online Google form and we advertise them the students. Supervisors will then receive an organised list of student responses, from which they can select the most suitable student for their project.

There is an infographic below how it works, click HERE for a more detailed overview and guide to submitting your project.

If you would be interested to submit a project to our platform, please use this form 

How it worksresearch platform overview

This research platform is supported by the INSPIRE fund from the Academy of Medical Sciences.